On Context

Context: Easy to Blame, Easier to Neglect

For some reason, we the people cannot seem to remember the importance of context in evaluating words, language, symbols, pictures, expressions, signs, etc. So about every 28 years or so, comedians like the late George Carlin (George Carlin – Doin’ It Again) and Chris Rock (Chris Rock: Kill the Messenger) have a made-to-order topic for practicing their comedic wares.

Jon Stewart and the writers on “The Daily Show” also have a finely-tuned sensibility for detecting the hilarious, hypocritical, and more egregious violations of both out-of-context defensive claims and out-of-context offensive manipulations. This example addresses how Laura Schlessinger and Sarah Palin handled issues related to the words nigger and retarded.

And about every 40 years or so, people like the Beatles (as seen in The Beatles Anthology and The U.S. vs. John Lennon) and the Dixie Chicks learn that part of “the American Way” is for a certain segment of the population to be manipulated over an ill-chosen word. More from the Dixie Chicks and Shut Up & Sing related to Perspective here.View and read more about The F-Word and The N-Word.Videos contain material that some may find objectionable.

George Carlin on Context (2:03)

from Doin’ It Again (1990)

Chris Rock on ‘Faggot’ (5:09)

from Kill the Messenger (2008)