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From the Fundamental Aspects pages:

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  • A View about Ourselves: About the Brain, Cortex (from “The Brain: Evolution and Perception”); Jeff Hawkins on the Brain and how it works; V.S. Ramachandran on Phantom Pain (from “Secrets of the Mind”); Francis Crick’s Theory (from “The Brain”); Limitations of Our Brain (from “The Brain”)
  • A View about the World: Overview of a Scientific Approach (Stockdale); Richard Feynman on Science; Observing and Analyzing Data (from “An Inconvenient Truth”); Darwin (from “100 Greatest Discoveries”); Scientific Attitude (from Irving J. Lee’s “Talking Sense”); Non-Allness and Clark Maxwell (Lee); Richard Feynman Laws of Physics; Collapse of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge
  • Perspective: Earth, Moon, Space (from “In the Shadow of the Moon”); from “Powers of 10”; Japanese-American (from “The Brain”); 2 Views of Tiger Woods (U.S. Open coverage); on Historical Alternatives (from Martin J. Sherwin); **Why? (from HBO’s “Lucky Louie”); **Segregation Attitudes (from “Eyes on the Prize”); Time Changes Perspective (from “Shut Up and Sing”)
  • Behavioral Consequences: Abstracting and Evaluating (Stockdale); Abstracting and Evaluating (Lee); Conditioned Attitudes and Behavior (Lee); The Good v. Poor Observer (Lee); Two Behavioral Examples (Lee); Reactions to Words (Lee); No Intrinsic Value (from “PBS Newshour”) ; No Objective Reporters (from Dan Rather Reports); Carefully Taught (from “South Pacific”); Violent Reaction to Words? (from “Bill Moyers Journal”)
  • Language Behavior: on the Power of Words (from “V for Vendetta,” “Life of Brian,” and “Cool Hand Luke”); Words and Meaning (Lee); Richard Feynman on Knowing Words vs. Knowing; Facts vs. Inferences (Lee); on Similarities (Lee); on Differences (Lee); Unintentional Offense (from “Independent Lens: The Paper”); Torture v. Enhanced Interogration (from “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart”); Tyranny of Categories (Stockdale from The Weather Channel); **Etymology of the F Word (from “F–k: A Documentary”); **Etymology of the N Word (from “The N Word: Divided We Stand”); **George Carlin on Context; **Chris Rock on Context; **Significance of the Middle Finger
  • Doing What We Know: on Applying What We Know (Lee); Richard Feynman on Art Viewed by a Scientist; on Sensory Awareness and Quiet (Charlotte Read); Follow Your Bliss (Blue Man Group); on Collaboration (Blue Man Group); Applications of this Perspective (Stockdale); Manipulation and Persuasion (from “Toxic Sludge is Good for You” and “The Persuaders”); Blood is Blood (from Ken Burns’ “The War”)
  • Putting it all Together: on Applying Knowledge (Lee); Scientific Attitude (Feynman); Visual Misperception (Koch); Abstracting/Evaluating (Stockdale); Map/Territory Analogy (Lee); Brain Evolution (The Brain: Evolution and Perception)
  • Jeff Hawkins: About the Cortex; 4 Things the Brain Does; on Patterns
  • Christof Koch: 4 Visual Mis-Perception Demonstrations
  • V.S. Ramachandran: Phantom Pain; Capgras Syndrome; God Center in the Brain?
  • ** F*CK: A Documentary: Etymology; Pioneers; Legal Rulings; FCC Rulings; Perspectives
  • ** The N Word: Etymology; Blazing Saddles; Colbert Report; The Daily Show; Chocolate News; Chris Rock

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