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A long, winding stream

Steve Stockdale

Special to the Star-Telegram Don’t like feeling like a fish flopping on an August sidewalk? Don’t give up hope. Next week, I begin a new job. I’ve been invited by the Department of Communication Studies at Texas Christian University to teach a course in general semantics. There’s a bit of…

The code of our country

Steve Stockdale

Special to the Star-Telegram In 21st-century America, honor is an option — not necessary, not sufficient, desirable only if it doesn’t jeopardize the bottom line. I grew up playing sports in the Texas Panhandle. On my bedroom wall, I had a plaque inscribed with a then-famous Grantland Rice saying: For…

A word by any other name

Steve Stockdale

Special to the Star-Telegram Changing words doesn’t change what they refer to — but it may change attitudes. Words have been in the news a lot lately. Of course, one could make the argument that what we call “the news” is nothing but words. We hear and read about “the…

Calling Out the Symbol Rulers

ETC Cover

(Published in ETC: A Review of General Semantics Volume 62 No. 1, 2005) Nothing illustrates the power of symbols and language quite like a presidential election. Of course, those of us who know a little bit of general semantics recognize that this ‘power’ lies not in the words and symbols…

De-Mythifying Meaning:


Presentation Proposal for the NCTE Annual Convention, November 18-21, 2004, Indianapolis Convention Center Title: De-Mythifying ‘Meaning’ 50-word Annotation: Four educators apply principles of general semantics to debunk common myths regarding ‘meaning.’ Such ‘meaning myths’ inevitably lead to communication breakdowns, media manipulation, unrealistic expectations and slow self-development. Participants will takeaway practical…

Eating Menus

ETC Cover

(Published in ETC: A Review of General Semantics Volume 61 No. 1, 2004) This issue of ETC marks another transition in the organizational evolution of a discipline. Published from 1943-1948 by the Society for General Semantics, then from 1949-2003 by the International Society for General Semantics, ETC now falls under…