About ThisIsNotThat

The genesis of this website sprang from idle hands trying to constructively deal with a severance period in 1999. It seemed like a worthwhile use of my time to learn about domain names and web hosting providers and HTML. The domain name came to me while trying to think about differentiation, differences, uniqueness, primarily in conjunction with the word is not the thing, the symbol is not the thing symbolized, etc. Sort of like, Magritte sans pipe. (Look it up.)


  • this ________  is not that ________; two apparently  ‘identical’ items differ at some level of observation or analysis
  • this ________ in 1999 is not the same _________ in 2019; every single thing we can observe changes in some respect over time
  • this ________ seen from my perspective is not the same _________ as seen from your perspective
  • and neurologically, as Heraclitus allegedly observed, you can’t step into the same river twice; in other words, every single experience we have cannot be repeated exactly.

Sometimes these differences are trivial and immaterial. Sometimes, however, they do indeed make a difference. That’s what ThisIsNotThat.com is about … differences that make a difference.

Steve Stockdale

Steve over 60 Yrs

Thanks for visiting and if you would like to contact me about something that makes a difference to you, please do so.