Student Reactions

General Semantics

Following are end-of-semester comments written by students in my General Semantics for Mass Communications Practitioners class, 2005-2008. General semantics is by far the most relevant class I have taken toward my B.S. in Communication Studies. No other class has provoked the amount of interest and relevancy in the scope of human interaction, both interpersonally and … Read on …

GS Videos: Topical Excerpts

General Semantics

These videos were created to illustrate specific topics covered in class. *Some content may be considered objectionable and inappropriate for younger viewers.* The Power (?) of Words (6:10) Winner or Loser? (3:30) Language, Symbols, and Meanings (10:30) Perspectives about Race (2:57) The Tyranny of Categories (5:34) Perspectives from Herbie Hancock’s “Possibilities” (10:41) Prejudice & Obscenity … Read on …

Review Videos for GS Class, Fall 2008

General Semantics

These two videos were used as reviews throughout the fall 2008 semester for my GS classes at TCU in Fort Worth. Note that these were used to review material already presented and discussed in class. Some of the material goes by pretty quickly and some, without benefit of the original class, may be puzzling. *Some … Read on …

A New Sort of Man: Balvant K. Parekh

ETC Cover

(Published in ETC: A Review of General Semantics, Volume 65 No. 1, January 2008. Prepared for a presentation to the National Workshop on General Semantics, Vadodara, India.) Irving J. Lee related a conversation he had with Alfred Korzybski in which Lee asked, “Now, Alfred, you have been thinking about this stuff for a very long … Read on …

The Bridge at Neverwas

ETC Cover

(Published in ETC: A Review of General Semantics, Volume 65 No. 1, January 2008. Prepared for a presentation to the National Workshop on General Semantics, Vadodara, India.) Once upon a time there was a beautiful land known as Neverwas. The people who settled in Neverwas loved it, for it provided everything they needed to live … Read on …

Images of India

Images of India

Thanks to the beneficence of Mr. B.K. Parekh, Andrea Johnson and I spent 18 days in and around Mumbai, India, in the fall of 2007. (5:06) Namaste.

Cognitive Language Skills for the 21st Century

This is the program brochure published by the Centre for Contemporary Theory in Baroda (Vadodara), India, in advance of the National Workshop in General Semantics, November 2007. More information about the 3-week lecture visit to India.

Brochures, Collateral

While Executive Director for the Institute of General Semantics (2004-2007), I was responsible for creating the following brochures, marketing, and promotional materials: General Information Brochure, Trade Show Booth Graphic, Capital Campaign Brochure, Conference Announcement, a promotional Bookmark, and my farewell video. General Information Brochure about the Institute Download the PDF Trade Show Booth Graphic This … Read on …

Bourland and Morain on Alfred Korzybski

D. David Bourland, Jr.

This post includes four video recollections of Alfred Korzybski: a three-part interview with D. David Bourland, Jr., and a later interview with Lloyd Morain. D. David Bourland, Jr. Steve Stockdale sat down with David Bourland at his home in Wichita Falls, TX, on May 26, 1997, to record his recollections about Alfred Korzybski and general … Read on …

Recollections of Alfred Korzybski

Ernie Klemme

This video slider includes four interviews recorded by Charles Stade in the late 1980s. Posted here with Mr. Stade’s permission, they include: Ernie Klemme (16:14) Bernie Chalip (18:19) Dr. Bill Pemberton (18:19) S.I. Hayakawa (12:28)

How to size your thinking box

(Speaking Notes presented to the monthly luncheon of the National Management Association, Rockwell Collins Chapter, Richardson, TX (September 2000) In the mid-80s, I clipped a Gary Larsen “Far Side” cartoon that, at the time, reflected my disenchantment with my then-current management. The cartoon depicted a dinosaur addressing an auditorium of other dinosaurs: “The picture’s pretty … Read on …

On Mindfulness

On Mindfulness: A Report on the 46th Annual Alfred Korzybski Memorial Lecture by Ellen J. Langer, October 1999 (Published in the Winter 1999-2000 edition of ETC: A Review of General Semantics.) If you’ve participated in any social discussions regarding general semantics — among folks who would admit to having actually read Korzybski — you’ve probably … Read on …